Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So I told you I'd say what J and I made with our fresh bell peppers. Well ... we made fajitas! I really never was one to eat fajitas with peppers and onions. I'd just pick out the chicken and put that on my tortilla. I have recently come to enjoy a cooked pepper as long as it still has a bite to it. So we boiled the chicken and then cut it into strips. Then we browned it in some olive oil. Once the chicken was done we took it out the pan and put in the peppers and onions. You sautae those until they are soft and then add the chicken back in. Then we added the fajita seasoning (following the directions on the package) and stirred for a few minutes. Voila you have fresh peppers fajitas! It was soooo good but we only had enough leftovers for each of us to have one the next night. Oh well, better some then none!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did,


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