Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Saturday was the first home game of the season and this year I was able to buy tickets to all the home games. Yay!! I did some cool tailgating with some senior boys. Not that the word "senior" means anything, they were J's roommates. But anyway so tailgating, fries from McDonald's, Nachos at the stadium, and Tiger Football. A Saturday can't get any better than that, well ... usually. Except for the fact the it rained for the first half of the game and needless to say I had no rain gear to speak of. I was okay with that because most of the kids in the student section didn't have ponchos, until the wind started to blow. Rain on a Saturday night when its 80 degrees out doesn't sound so bad, but when it feels like a breezy 70 it gets kinda cold. We played Vanderbilt and were winning so I decided to leave the game in the 3rd quarter. J stayed behind and we scored an additional 2 touchdowns bringing the final score to 23 - 9. I have to say, football is soooo much more interesting in person than it is on t.v.

P.S. I graduated high school with Jordan Jefferson so if he ever makes it that will be pretty cool.

all pics curtousey of lsusports.net

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