Monday, February 1, 2010

14 Days of Love (Day 1)

Liz at Brambleberry Cottage is hosting a "Fourteen Days of Love" party. I won't be participating in all of the days so if you want to check them out them head on over to her blog. The first day is all about how you make this one day special compared to the other 364 days. I'm not speaking from much experience (I'm coming up on my 4th Valentine's Day ever, but it is with the same guy and I'm only 20) but I have had a few good ideas. For our first Valentine's Day my boyfriend, J, gave me the impression that we weren't celebrating. He kept talking about how its just a "Hallmark Holiday" or he'd call it "Single-Awareness Day". So, needless to say, I was very surprised when he showed up to my house with a gift. I was so embarassed that I didn't have one for him. He was staying at a friend's house while in town (at this point he lived in Detroit) so I knew I could come up with something. Eventually I came up with the perfect idea. I bought a 64 pack of crayons and began stripping every crayon of its wrapper. Then, I used computer paper and made 64 new labels. On each label I wrote down a reason why I loved him and drew a little picture. Next, I taped the labels on. On the front of the box where it says "64 Crayons" I covered the word "crayons" and wrote on a piece of paper "reasons why I love you" so that the box read "64 reasons why I love you." When I gave it to J he loved it. Every time an anniversary, or holiday, or birthday comes up he makes me a card with those crayons.

(roses J sent me for our 2nd Valentine's Day)

For our second Valentine's Day J was far away in Detroit. I wanted to give him a gift that kept giving after just that one day. I decided to make him a bunch of little cards. I decorated about 90 different cards and wrote a message in each one. I put all the cards in envelopes and on the envelope was a date between February 14th and May 29th (our anniversary) upon which he was allowed to open the card. I placed all the envelopes in a box I decorated and sprayed it with my perfume so that each time he opened it, he'd get a little whiff of me. This was by far J's favorite gift. He told me that sometimes he couldn't wait til the designated date to open the card so he'd open it a day or two sooner. J also recently told me that he used to open the box very quickly just to get a whiff of my perfume.

So, what have you done for your partner?


  1. The crayons and cards were very creative! Enjoyed reading about it. Sounds like you got the celebratory side of Valentine's Day going just fine! Thanks, Jenn

  2. For someone who has expressed having little experience in the demonstration of affection at Valentine's, you are quite creative! I'm so glad you found the party. Please join us as often as you like.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!