Wednesday, February 3, 2010

14 Days of Love (Day 3)

The third day of love is all about the color pink. What girl doesn't love a little pink? I'm not huge into pink, but I do like having little pops of it here and there. Below are some great pink treats!

These cute cinnamon heart marshmallows are made by Whimsy and Spice, a husband/wife team based in Brooklyn. Wouldn't you just love to have one of these little darlings in your hot chocolate?

These glittery tags would be great atop a colorfully wrapped gift for a loved one. And with the pink rose, the wrapping is almost as exciting as the package itself. If you're interested go stop by The French Nest Co.

Gooseberry, gooseberry, gooseberry, such a funny word! I've never seen these bowls in pink before. Not only are they cute but they have a purpose and can be useful. Of course you could use them for food, but how great would it be to have these in your craft room with all kinds of bobbles spilling out? I love the whimsical design.

I found these colored heart doilies at oriental trading. They are having a huge sale on everything related to Valentine's Day, so if you want some decorations or some candy for your child's class head on over for a steal. For only $2.99 you can get 100 of these little guys. They'd be perfect for stringing together to make a banner or for decorating cards.
This set of rose-shaped soaps are also from
oriental trading. They come 12 to a set I think and each set is on sale for $2.99. They would make a lovely romantic addition to any bathroom. You could get a cute soap dish and use them as hand soaps or you could use them for bathing. I could go on and on with tons of great pink items I find, but if you've made it this far (you trooper, you) I find it very unnecessary to bore you any longer.


  1. Great photos, Meghan! Just think...if you win this week's giveaway, you can purchase a set of those lovely soaps to display in the cupid dish.

    Thanks again for playing along!


  2. Love your post and that comment at the end was cute! I didn't see your link yesterday - but I saw it as I looked around at Brambleberry Cottage today. :) Having fun! Jenn